How Does Being Aromantic Affects My Relationships?

In honor of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, I decided to try answering one of the questions that I’m asked, sometimes, directly or indirectly, about my aromanticism: If I want a relationship (one or more) that is so similar to romantic relationships, why does my aromanticism matter so much, and why referring to my partner as… Continue reading How Does Being Aromantic Affects My Relationships?

Why is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week Important to Me

Trigger Warning: arophobia.   Lately, I have been very busy with preparations for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (February 18-24). Last year, I waited for this week impatiently. I assumed it won’t raise as much awareness as Asexual Awareness Week did, but I hoped that some important will acknowledge it. Ultimately, what happened, from my perspective,… Continue reading Why is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week Important to Me

How About Love?

Therefore, and without the glass ceiling that accompanies the assumption that a romantic relationship is necessarily stronger and more meaningful than the other ones, why is it assumed that aromantic people, no matter if they want a romantic relationship or one that parallels that, is a cold robot who can’t feel love?

Shades of Invisibility

This week is the asexual awareness week, and I’ve wanted to use this opportunity to vent some of my anger and to explain things. Asexuality doesn’t have to be 0% attraction, there is much more than that. Some people do have sex, some are uninterested and some are sex repulsed. There’re varying levels and different kinds, and it isn’t black and white. There’re much more shades, even when they’re invisible.